DIRA plate compatible windshield search software


Search, select and order the glass you need in perfect autonomy, from our B2B portal or from the new app.


Web-based access

DIRA offers professionals who have chosen the company as their partner supplier a confidential e-commerce platform.

It is a secure and fast channel for placing orders for glass and tools; glass and equipment; it also combines sales with a range of digital services that make it easy to manage every need and stage.

Click on this icon to access the B2B area, bookmark the address b2b.dira.it to login even faster.


The quality of our services
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Glass validation

We are able to provide the identification of the correct glass in a few clicks thanks to the integration of multiple databases: Query by OE code, Eurocode, DIRA code, Car-park search, Query by number plate and Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

The database is updated and implemented through the constant work of our IT team.

Products B2B

Technical Data Sheets

The platform allows you to consult technical and safety data sheets for all tools and materials. Knowing the characteristics of products such as these in detail is important for achieving excellent results, almost as important as their quality.

Products B2B

Related products

A feature that saves time and prevents oversights by those who buy through the platform. For each product, in fact, a dedicated section shows related ones. Gaskets with glazing, for example. Or installation tools with sealants.

Products B2B

Up-to-date forms

From here one can easily find all the necessary forms to manage practices such as the collection of packaging.

Products B2B

Drop shipping

DIRA is a valuable partner for network customers and distributors. We guarantee them the possibility of ordering DIRA products via their own platforms. Once the purchase has been made, it is DIRA that takes care of the packaging, transport and direct delivery to the customer.



Mobile access

The solution to your needs at your smartphone.

The application allows you to access DIRA's services from your mobile phone: download it for free, and once installed log in with your B2B account. From there you take a photo of the vehicle's number plate and find the right glass thanks to the combination plate + VIN identification system: simple, fast, reliable.

Without leaving the application, the glass can be purchased, as well as the tools and sealants needed for surgery and other workshop operations.

On the platform you will also find a lot of useful content to keep at hand: file updates, shipment tracking, as well as video tutorials made by DIRA LAB, our technical laboratory, with all the useful hints and tips you need for perfect work.


DIRA offers you more than just products: we make sure you have every tool you need to simplify your work.
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